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Year in Review: Top Enterprise Software News and Trends for 2011
With 2011 just about under wraps, we asked our experts to weigh in on this year’s trends and enterprise software news-makers. Read this article to get their

read only memory  direction for several years already, but in 2011, I saw more ERP applications allowing users to access the core system via mobile devices. Many vendors, however, still offer only BI or reporting data aimed at top management. I expect this tendency to grow in 2012, as mobile devices are likely to dominate quite soon.   4. The confluence of lean initiatives and ERP is my favorite topic, and I can’t leave it off my list of 2011 trends. In 2011, I saw more ERP software applications declaring an embedded Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Embedded Linux for Handhelds
A spate of recent announcements from Lineo, Inc., Red Hat, and others concern the development of

read only memory  and 3M bytes of read-only memory or flash memory. Bast Inc. in Sonoma, Calif., will use Embedix in set-top boxes designed for hotels and apartment complexes. Though based on a modified version of the Linux 2.2 kernel, Embedix contains proprietary components and won't be free. Manufacturers will pay a royalty per unit shipped. Embedix PDA, a layer on top of Embedix, will allow applications written for Microsoft Corp.'s Windows CE operating system to run on Linux-based devices after a recompile, according Read More
The Marriage of Virtual Machines, Software as a Service, and Cloud Computing
New technology, such as virtual machines and high-speed internet communication, is leading to wider remote application hosting. Here is a tutorial-level

read only memory  to hold data for reading, storing or writing. The VM system also knows that if the same program is loaded from the same file for another virtual machine, only one copy of the read-only memory need be loaded. The references to the read-only data from the second copy will be redirected to the first, resulting in reduced memory consumption. One-time Setup A VM system administrator allocates a virtual machine slot (see figure1) and allocates the disks and networking for the application. In the virtual slot, Read More
The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Marketing
Huge amounts of money are spent on marketing collateral—you need to ensure that you get your money's worth. This article discusses seven common mistakes made

read only memory  a PDF, you just read straight down as you would a normal paper document. When advance consideration is given to the various ways of using a piece of marketing material, your overall costs can be reduced. Agreeing on a standard format and content can eliminate the typical floundering phase that goes into any creative process. Don't be afraid to reuse textual content. An example will illustrate this idea. In process manufacturing, you are always talking about formulas, pack recipes, ingredients, and Read More
How RFID Technology Can Enhance Your Asset Management Program
Even though the technology has been around in some form since World War II, chances are that you think of Wal-Mart’s supply chain initiative when you hear the

read only memory  which tag can be read A few feet Up to hundreds of feet Memory Less memory (typically 16K) More memory (as high as 512K) Two types of RFID readers also exist: ixed and portable. A ixed RFID reader is a device that automatically detects RFID tags without any user interface or mobile capability. These readers typically have a direct Ethernet connection and intelligence built into the unit to enable tag capture and basic data transfer. Fixed readers are primarily used to track such information as Read More
J.D. Edwards Saved By SCM, Narrowly, And Only For Now
On March 5, J.D. Edwards reported financial results for Q1 2001. Although the company posted a symbolic profit, the revenue decline begs the question why the

read only memory  potential, however without guaranteed widespread acceptance success. J.D. Edwards' predicament has also long been the release quality of its flagship OneWorld application suite. The new implementations and/or migrations from its older World software release have been a daunting experience for many users, especially for early adopters from 1999. The company patched and upgraded its way through the process, which took considerable time and human resources and possibly prevented the company from delivering Read More
Accelerating Enterprise Insights: 2013 IOUG In-Memory Strategies Survey
Today’s organizations are becoming increasingly digital, giving rise to trends such as the proliferation of application servers, the rapid expansion in the

read only memory  are using in-memory technology, read the survey results. Read More
So, Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself
If you know nothing about a company, you should be able to figure out the bare essentials by visiting its About Us page, right?Turns out this is only true

read only memory  Unfortunately, you have to read quite a bit more before you find out about the size and industry of the typical Global customer. Generally speaking, I found the information I was looking for, but I had to hunt around for it since nothing on the page indicated what was important. IFS is another example of good information with lackluster presentation. Oddly, the IFS About Us page has two short descriptions of the company, but only one (the less visible one) actually tells you what kind of software they Read More
Food and Drug Safety: Prevention Better Than Cure (For Sure) - Part 1
Food production and distribution is a serious and strategic business, and I am not aware of anyone in my surroundings that takes it lightly; food can not only

read only memory  got in her playgroup spread so quickly and violently to anyone who was in contact with her (including the broader family members that stopped by to just traditionally exchange holiday gifts). Sure, viral gastroenteritis might likely have had nothing to do with what we ate at the time, but the feeling of being listless and other unpleasant (and unspeakable) G.I. bug symptoms were quite similar to those that food poisoning outbreaks can “treat” us to. Food processing and distribution are not be the Read More
Oracle Releases E-Business Suite 12.2
While the focus of the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference is naturally on new products involving sexy technologies such as in-memory databases, cloud, mobility

read only memory   Read More
How Do People in Different Regions of the World Select Software?
The joke “If … Made Toasters” (here is one of many variations) has been circulating and evolving on the Web for quite a long time. The first time I read it was

read only memory  The first time I read it was at least 10 years ago, but once in a while I still receive it in my inbox. Since we’re always looking for something different, I’m taking the initiative and starting a new topic in a similar pattern—how do people in different regions select software? The United States (US) : In order to select software, Americans need a lot of time and talented people to create derivative selection instruments, key performance indicators (KPIs), and even standards for software Read More
SAP for the Chemicals Industry: Challenges and User Recommendations
Using the SAP ERP Chemicals Packaged Solution may represent a significant advantage—but only if SAP is the right enterprise resource planning system for the

read only memory  process support, best practices, breadth of solutions, and so on) that often drive greater value than competitive offerings. But to disprove the so-called myths of its cost, complexity, and inflexibility, SAP will have to continue by documenting successful case studies. Without these well-documented and substantiated positive returns on investment (ROIs) or favorable total cost of ownership (TCO) metrics, the market might still be led to believe that that SAP is trying to circumvent the market perception Read More
Will Oracle’s Freebie Shot Hurt (Or Only Graze) Siebel?
Oracle will not rest until it comes close (or even overtakes) Siebel in the CRM market. Its latest gimmick from its bag of tricks was the recent launch of the

read only memory  bearing gifts! - carefully read the contract's fine print and double check what is behind Oracle's generosity. Use the existence of other alternative CRM applications to leverage the best deal. If you already have a significant investment in Oracle technology, then pursue the Oracle option. However, do not hesitate to venture elsewhere. Improvements in products interconnectivity make going beyond Oracle Applications a more viable option than in the past. Oracle-centric and enterprises looking for Read More
QAD Explore 2012: Only Good Things Can Come from Talking to the Customer
As a seasoned provider of enterprise applications for manufacturing companies, QAD knows the importance of listening to its clients. In fact, the company has

read only memory  the initiative was not readily accepted by QAD’s staff and customers alike. The first group did not feel motivated to invest its time and effort where new sales were not guaranteed. Indeed, QAD had pledged to identify opportunities for business process improvement by better utilizing existing systems, with no requirements to buy new software or pay for external services. Customers were also not that keen on this offering—as it requires some investment of time (and disruption to the daily bread Read More
In-memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data
Business data is growing at an unprecedented speed, and organizations of all sizes, across all industries, have to face the challenge of scaling up their data

read only memory  potential solution: in-memory computing. Read Aberdeen's Analyst Insight report and see how in-memory computing can address two of the three Vs of big data. Read More

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